Afternoon Tea/ Ploughman's and Graze Boxes

Offering amazing Teas/ Ploughman's and Graze boxes to residents of Medway. Perfect as gifts, for small gatherings or to enjoy any time of year.
Specials also available at various times of the year... check out our Facebook page for further details.
 Please enquire to see if we are available.

Graze box for 4

Graze mixed box for four.... £45.00

Various mixed continental meats

Sliced cheeses

Sausages rolls, quiches and pork pie slices

Scotch eggs, pretzels and crackers

Mixed fruits and salads

Cheese straws, bread sticks 

Houmous and olives

Ploughman's for 4

Ploughman's lunch box for four.... £40.00

Fresh mixed salad leaves, celery, cucumber, vine ripe tomatoes, radishes, spring onion and grapes

Baked bread and butter

Stilton, brie and cheddar cheese (can be swapped)

Sliced ham and boiled eggs

Silver skin onions, beetroot and onion chutney

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea for two… £23.50
For four… £40.00 For six... £55.00 For Eight... £67.50 More on request

Mixed afternoon tea sandwiches to include smoked salmon and cream cheese, egg and cress, chicken salad and cheese ploughman’s (or pick your own)

Mini quiche Lorraine tarts

Cheese twists

Mini Victoria sponge cakes
Scones with clotted cream and strawberryjam
Lemon drizzle slice
Chocolate brownie

Sliced fruit of grapes and berries

Add sausage rolls for £1.50 p/p

Want some thing a little more special then please feel free to ask. We can add cupcakes and even mix in some Savoury scones, cheeses and Chutneys.

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